Market, Demographic and Content Research

Web Site and Newsletter Content Research
Reach more people with your newsletter, keep abreast of the latest issues that affect your clients Make your web site more attractive to prospects with rich content. You will get information tailor to your audience. Learn More.

Market Expansion Research
Are you looking for new business opportunities? Untapped markets? New clients? Market Expansion Research will provide you high quality information to help you make confident decisions. You will learn the size of your target market, market leaders and top competitors. The most influential professional and trade associations, major publications, directories and internet portals.

Hispanic and Latino American Markets Information
The Hispanic market has experienced explosive growth in the last few years. If you are interested in expanding into that market or exporting a product to a Latin- American country you will benefit from our Hispanic Intelligence Report. This report will provide you information on market, demographic, trade statistics and cultural trends on those economic sectors.

Competitive Intelligence Research
A company planning to introduce a new product could learn from the experiences of other companies introducing similar products. A sales person can benefit from learning how the competition is differentiating itself from the rest of the field or if the competitor customers are dissatisfied.

Competitive intelligence (CI) is the ethical gathering of information about your competitor or competitive environment. A CI report gives you insights into the top competitors in your industry, company information such as ownership, key employees, corporate goals, strategies and financial information.

Business Plan Research
Whether you are using your business plan to raise money from investors, obtain a loan from a bank or for your company strategic planning, demonstrating a good understanding of your industry, markets and customers is essential. This service will provide answers to questions such as: how large is the competition?

How many consumers can be expected in your target area? and what are the trends or government regulations in your industry?

Media Monitoring
Are you a victim of information overload? Business owners and executives need to stay current in the latest industry news, trends or government regulations to maintain their company competitive edge, but do you have time to read the hundreds of magazines, trade publications and blogs available nowadays? Do you know what your customers are saying about your products or services on the web?

Our Media Monitoring service helps you keep up to date by monitoring and summarizing your industry publications, newsgroups or blogs.

Quick Answers
For those times when you have very specific questions, need factual information, bibliographic searches or document delivery.

Internet Research Made Easy
This service is designed for the “do it yourself” researcher or for those companies interested in providing internet research training for their staff. You will receive the tools and instruction necessary to do your own web research quickly and efficiently. It includes diagnostic interview, industry directory bookmark file (associations, publications, newsgroups, blogs and online portals), and three hours of training and support. For easy implementation, the client will receive an instruction manual, CD-ROM with a bookmark file and research tools.

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