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Marketing Your Business With Great Web Site Content

A website is like a book, it needs an interesting cover, a great title, and nice graphic design, but to be a bestseller it requires a good story and talented writing. Good graphics and good design will make your site look professional and easy to navigate, but it is the content that will keep the reader interested long enough to learn about your company and buy your products and services.

Keep in mind that most people do not go to the web to find a specific business, but to find information and answers to their questions.

For example, the majority of people will not go to the web to find a financial advisor, they probably have someone or know someone already, but they may want to find information about how to set up a trust fund or what is an IRA. If your website has only a description of your services, they will very likely scan it and leave, but if you provide an article on Frequently Asked Questions about trust funds, they are more likely to stay and read it.

The article will not only show your expertise, but also will encourage them to stay, read it, and bookmark it, maybe share it with friends, learn about your services or products and in the end buy them.

For a small business owner, the website is often an afterthought, keeping an information rich site is time consuming and coming up with fresh article ideas is challenging.

To have an interesting, content rich website you should start by defining your target audience. Learn about their demographics, problems, and issues they care about, associations they belong and publications they read.

An easy way to start this process is to set up news alerts in Google, Yahoo, press release sites such as Business Wire and Amazon e-mail subscriptions. Find your prospects' web sites and monitor changes using web-tracking software such as Copernicus Tracker. Find the most prominent bloggers in your field and most popular e-zines and read them.

And finally, ask your customers about their problems, encourage them to send you questions, send a survey or next time you are at a networking event ask people around you about their problems.

Remember to offer useful content, your clients are intelligent enough to understand that the newsletter is a way to market your businesses, but you should be respectful of their time and offer more beyond the classic “7 Tips to market your business”. It would be more appreciated if you add your own twist and give your expertise and opinion.

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Business Site

In a world where writing and publishing is so necessary to market a business, Poynter Online , a web site for journalists, is must-read for every business owner. The web site is a treasure trove of writing tips such as Roy Clark's Fifty writing blog and online media information.

Internet Tool

To find blogs is best to use a search engine just for blogs. One such tool is Technorati .

When You Need a Break

If you are ever interested on learning "how to pull a tablecloth form beneath a dinner table" head to VideoJug. This site is a great source of "How to Guides" that range from very useful to ourageous. If you are good at something and would like to teach it to the world then create a video and upload it.

Reading List

How to become a Rainmaker. The Rules for Getting and Keeping Customers and Clients by Jeffrey Fox.

I know what you are thinking- not another sales book! Well make some time to read one more. This is a short book with short chapters and intriguing titles such as "Customers don't care about you","Always make a Mid-Job, next-Job recommendation" and my favorite "Dare to be Dumb". Some of the recommendations in the book you may already be doing, some of them are little gems. I especially like the last chapter in how to dollarize the value of youe services or products.

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